Respite Care

Respite Care – Taking Care of Patients and Caregivers

Respite care is misunderstood and underutilized in the carer industry. Respite care gives the carer the support and assistance for the family caregiver by giving the temporary care for their loved one or patient. The respite care service relieves carers of the day to day duties knowing that while they rest and restore their energy the patient is still being fully and professionally cared for with their specific needs and requirements as a priority.

Respite Care

Take a Break with Respite Care

People who take on the role of primary carer for a patient have been revealed to be at higher risk of stress-related health conditions such as depression. Regularly scheduled respite care for a caregiver could yield some very beneficial factors for both the patient and the caregiver making it an essential component for all caregiver programmes. Many of the benefits for the caregiver encourage and develop them to perform better at the daily duties therefore directly benefiting the patient.


Respite Care Benefits for Patient Include:

  • Introduces a variety into the patient’s life with activities design to help build new relationships for the patient
  • Improve mental health and self-esteem and try to reduce the feeling of isolation and depression for the patient
  • Encourages opportunities for personal growth, development and help build the patients independence
  • If the caregiver is not present respite care, ensure the patient will not be neglected and even with the caregiver absent all their needs and requirements are met


Respite Care Benefits for Carer Include:

  • Provides free time for the carer to use however they desire, be it a holiday or just a family trip or activity
  • Gives the caregiver freedom to take care of other responsibilities in their life such as educational studies, pursuing a dream career and maintaining a relationship with your family and friends
  • Reduces the stress and pressure put on a career that comes with the demands of everyday caregiving
  • Allows the caregiver time to rest and revitalise meaning when they return their energy is restored and their patients improved due to the lack of stress
  • Having time away with respite care and distancing yourself from the situation may enlighten you to different perspectives and method to apply in the future as a caregiver