mental and physical health

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Health matters

Peoples health be it physical or in mind needs to be taken care of and considered when looking into reasons as to why they may act or respond in a certain way to a particular event or circumstance that has taken place.  When first becoming aware that a person has a mental illness it can take some time before it comes apparent, where as a physical condition that can be covered by a bandage, cast or even the movement created by a prosthetic limb or a walking/talking/hearing aid is sighted.  To find if a person has a mental health issue then a string of carefully selected and adjusted questions must be posed and clear responses needs to determined.  This can sometimes be done by the asking of very similar questions to ascertain the correct direction that the person could be persuaded to answer.

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Being in contact with people of mental health concerns puts you in a position of great responsibility so you do not persuaded the person into a certain way of thinking, each question should have a number of options and words should not be put into the mouth of the patient.


Looking through these pages are the first steps into helping and understanding what you can do to help others in these positions.