Cat Vaccinations

cat vaccinations

Keep Your Fit and Healthy with Regular Cat Vaccinations

Pet cats are excellent companions, providing love and friendship throughout out home lives. This is especially important given the current state of the world during the pandemic and us spending more time isolated in the house. Whilst people are protecting themselves at this time, owners must ensure they are protecting their cats from the many illnesses and diseases that can be deadly to cats.

Taking them to the vet for regular cat vaccinations will help maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle for cats and ensure that they are protected. Of course, there are many other things that can be dangerous for cats, but vaccinations give owners significant reassurance.

Taking your cat to the vet is never a pleasant experience for them or you. Their anxiety can cause owners to worry, however the quicker a cat is taken for vaccinations, not only will they be kept safe from earlier in life, the more willing they will be for future trips.

Cats can receive vaccinations from 9 weeks old, which would be backed up by another set at 12 weeks. It is crucial they receive yearly boosters to top up immunity. Cat vaccinations range from £10 to £15 at most vets.

Vets will provide a clear outline of the various vaccinations and what they protect against.


Pet Vaccinations Fight Which Diseases?

Pet vaccinations protect cats from many diseases that are frequently fatal to cats, such as: influenza, Enteritis, Feline Leukaemia Virus, Chlamydia and Rabies.

If you have an older cat that you suspect has never been vaccinated, book an appointment as soon as possible. They are never too old to start, and it may save their life, so get in touch with a trusted vet today.

In these unusual times, some vets will provide reduced services, so you need to contact one that offers vaccinations whilst complying with the current COVID-19 procedures.